equestrian inspired. street worthy.

We are beyond thrilled to launch our first line of equestrian inspired clothing that isn't just for equestrians! Our Cavalry Cuff Thermal is super soft and stretchy, making it perfect to wear while you ride, but stylish enough to leave on and go out to dinner with friends after your ride!

Whether you are attending a clinic, grabbing coffee with a friend, or need something cute for a casual party; our Cavalry Cuff Thermal answers all of those questions with its stylish and comfortable fit.

Designed by us, created by us, & crafted locally in Columbus, OH

Introducing our Cavalry Cuff Thermal! We are offering two delicious color combos: two-toned charcoal gray with a rich rust velvet cuff, or the perfect jewel-tone peacock green with a decadent mustard velvet cuff. Vintage trim and Cavalry-inspired buttons line each cuff for the perfect finishing touch. They are $85, and hand-crafted in the USA. We design, create the garment, source all of the material/trim/buttons ourselves, and have them locally crafted in Columbus, OH. Each garment we create is a labor of love turned into a work of art. Quantities are limited, as the trim on the cuff is vintage.

Currently SOLD OUT