Locally crafted. Worn globally.

All of our leather is mindfully created in the heart of rural Ohio for the finest quality; because not all keuring tack is created equal. 

We are the ultimate source for quality keuring tack. Our tack is made from the finest Weaver leather for the ultimate quality, softness, and durability. It does not crack. It is brilliant white. Our leather is not imported; but is Amish-crafted and made completely custom for us right here in the USA! We never run out of stock, as everything is custom-made just for us. Your choice of brass or stainless fittings - that are not plated, but solid brass or stainless for the best quality and durability.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom sizes. 


Keuring Bridles $120

Rolled Leather Keuring Bridle (black or white) $145

Keuring lead with chain $45

Foal Lead (thinner & without chain) $30

Small Foal Halter (3-4 months) $65

Large Foal Halter (5-6 months) $65

Yearling Rolled Halter $100

Two-Year-Old Rolled Halter $100

Decorated Keuring Browbands $150-$225

Your Friesian deserves the best, and our keuring tack is built to last. We are the ultimate source for the best quality keuring tack on the market.